The Music of the Grenadier Guards


All the most important regimental music of the senior Footguards regiment, many marches and troops, some well-known, some rare plus a selection of bugle calls and Sunset with band.

The Grenadier Guards are regarded as the most senior of the Footguards regiments. Their Band has had an unparalleled reputation for centuries – in the 19th century, they regularly visited the USA. Nowadays, they play with a uniquely warm style, a way that is somehow typically English. This programme contains a wide range of marches associated with the regiment and a couple of ‘troops’ which although being written in waltz tempo are used (one in a bar) as slow marches with one step per bar of music. We hear all the Company Marches and a selection of lighter items such as Toy Grenadier which are inspired by the regiment. One extraordinary novelty is the pre-Welsh Guards (1915) The Guards’ Patrol which is a ‘fantasy march’ composed around the regimental marches of the Grenadier, Coldstream, Scots and Irish Guards and includes lusty vocal contributions from members of the Band.

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