Leslie Statham – A Dream Realised


Leslie Statham (also known as Arnold Steck) is England’s forgotten light music composer with famous pieces such as Birdcage Walk and Sports Special to his name. This CD is a glorious mixture of military and light music, performed by the great Band of the Welsh Guards.

Leslie Statham was one of the most gifted composers British military music has ever seen. As well as being a superb composer of military music, he became one of the country’s leading composers of light music, frequently using the pen name ‘Arnold Steck’.  This recording was inspired by military music enthusiast Alan Hardwick, whose dream it was. The dream was then taken up with great enthusiasm by Major David Cresswell, directing his band, the Band of the Welsh Guards. As well as a number of wonderful, foot-tapping marches (including the legendary Sports Special), this release contains many light music treasures such as The Dusky Aristocrat (an Impression)Happy Days Suite, Sugar Melon and Skeleton in the Cupboard. As well as some really well-known items this CD contains a wealth of ‘newly discovered gems’. A must for lovers of light music and military band music alike.

Recorded at The Garrison Chapel, Chelsea Barracks, London

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